Restaurant "Der Postreiter"

On April 15, 2018, we host our guests for the last time. We are sad about it, because it’s not the lack of guests, but the shortage of skilled workers, especially in the kitchen!

For years we’ve been desperately looking for suitable cooks who practice their profession with passion. But in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to find suitable professionals.

It may be due to demographic change, the trend to study or just the work attitude. Hardly anyone is willing to take responsibility or be able to enjoy their job. Many like to make good money without having to work hard. In terms of restaurants, it is also easier for the cook to warm up precooked products than to prepare fresh foods. But these are chefs who never came into question for us.

We know that working hours and wage in restaurants are unattractive to workers. We have tried to compensate for this with a rest day and limited opening hours. Our restaurant staff should be given room for a fulfilling private life too.

We also have the high standards that the guest puts on us, and we also expect that from our employees. The trained chef as well as the trained restaurant staff should have the appropriate expertise and implement the knowledge accordingly.

The decision to close has been extremely difficult for us, especially as we enjoy our many regular guests and are sad that it fails because of the lack of support. We thank for the great time with our guests and the people who supported us professionally.

One more word about training: As an instructor, you should be aware of your responsibility and educate conscientiously at a good level. Less suitable candidates are often abused as cheap labor (this damages the reputation of the restaurant industry). It would be fair to part with them or transfer them to other fields of activity. All this involves a lot of effort, work, expense and patience. The reward for the hospitality industry and the gastronomic culture, however, would be well-trained and capable specialists.